Terms and Policies

Our adoption fees are $65 for Kittens and $80 for Adults.

Animal Keeper’s Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit, no-kill cat and kitten shelter, dedicated to the health and welfare of abandoned, abused and/or unwanted cats and kittens. We are committed to finding good indoor homes where they can live out their lives being loved and cared for.

Our contract is a common sense contract and we require that you acknowledge and follow our contract for the benefit of your newly adopted family member:

Our cats must be kept indoors. Cats that are kept indoors live longer, healthier and safer lives. When they go outside they are subject to fleas, ticks, infectious diseases carried by other cats, abscesses from getting into fights with other animals, being hit by a car and mistreated by people who do not like cats.

Kittens that are under the age of 6 months and are adopted, must be neutered/spayed by the time they are 6 months. This is very important. A male cat will develop strong urine and will want to go out to hunt for females. Neutering will prevent his desire to roam. Females will go into heat and will stop at nothing to get outside to get pregnant. This is about the time when people pitch their cats outside instead of getting them fixed. If you adopt a kitten under six months of age who has not been spayed/neutered, you will be responsible to pay a $20.00 fee that will be refunded to you after showing proof of the procedure.

We do not permit declawing of our cats. Declawing causes gradual weakening of leg, shoulder and back muscles and impaired balance. It leaves cats defenseless; often causes skin or bladder problems or neurosis. Some declawed cats become morose and withdrawn…others irritable and aggressive. Lacking claws, many become biters, others stop using their litter boxes.

After adopting a cat/kitten, regular veterinary visits are to be done.

Cats must have clean litter boxes (to prevent them from ceasing to use the litter box) and clean water and food daily.

They can not be used for breeding. Thousands of animals are put to sleep daily because of the over population.

Animal Keeper’s Rescue will not warrant the bloodline of the cat or kitten.

All cats that are 6 months and older are neutered/spayed before they are adopted. All cats are tested for Feline Leukemia, Feline AIDS, received rabies shots and distemper shots. They are also treated for ear mites if needed.

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