This is Cole. I posted his picture several months ago. He belonged to a young girl, who moved into an apartment where she could not have her cat. So she left him with her father, who after a few days, put him outside to fend for himself. This was one thing, but Cole was Declawed!!!!! To make a long story short, he was tested positive for FIV, but he was 13 1/2 pounds and very healthy. i, since November have been in communication with a lady who really wanted to adopt him. She was having construction on her house wanted to wait until it was completed. But when the weather got bad the construction stopped and she decided to get him now. So today my husband and I drove 1 1/2 hours to take him to his new home. When we got there they had a room all ready for him, until he got use to everything. Well, he surprised us all. He came out the carrier and walked around the room, checking everything out. Then went to the husband and rolled on his band and got his belly rubbed. Then jumped on the couch as if to say ‘I LIKE IT HERE AND I AM FINALLY HOME!” Eventually he will have the run of the home, which beautiful. COLE HAS IT MADE, THANK YOU MARCY!!!!

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