This is the story of Dexter, a long-haired tiger male. One day, as a mother and son were walking near a stone quarry in Irwin, PA, they noticed some teenage boys throwing stones down the side of the quarry. The mother was curious as to what exactly these boys were doing and went to check it out. Shockingly, the woman found that the stones were being pelted at a scared, hurt Dexter. She started to take action, yelling at the boys until they ran. Her son climbed down into the quarry to see if Dexter was dead or alive. Much to his suprise, Dexter was still alive! The mother and son took him home and immediately called Animal Keeper’s Rescue.

When Dexter arrived, he was taken to the veterinarian at once where he was examined for broken bones – and only by the grace of God, not one bone in his little body was broken – but he was quite bruised and sore. He was brought back to our shelter and given lots of good food, vitamins, and tender-loving care. After Dexter had time to mend, he was neutered, given his shots, and had his blood tested for Feline Leukemia. The Leukemia test came back Positive. Poor Dexter, he had been through so much and now this.

So, Dexter was here – day after day – for one whole year. We brushed him constantly and he learned to love being brushed. He ate well and gained weight and was a wonderful cat. Someone would surely want to give him a home! One afternoon, a beautiful young lady came into the shelter and fell head over heels in love with Dexter. She understood his condition and still had her heart set on adopting him. She changed his name to “Fancy Pants” because he looked as if he had bloomers on :o)

I believe that every animal has a home and has someone to love them…somewhere. It only takes time, love, understanding, and patience because it is God’s time, not ours.


About four years ago, we received a phone call that an orange tiger cat was living out of a dead oak tree. We had to trap at first, but found that he was the most loving and affectionate cat you could imagine once he realized that we were only helping him. His name was Chester. He was about three years old at the time and was a beautiful reddish-orange color. Chester, as we discovered, had lived a terrible life. The woman who owned him also had three dogs. Chester had to fight for every morsel of food. He was never fed cat food, but instead had to sneak dog food when the dogs weren’t looking.

At one point, Chester became very sick. If it weren’t for his previous owner’s sister-in-law taking him to the vet, Chester probably never would have survived. The little guy had a bad case of ringworm and had to be bathed each day with a special shampoo, which the sister-in-law had to do because his owner would not touch him. The owner took him back once he was well again, only to be abandoned when they decided to move. Chester was left to fend for himself.

Animal Keeper’s Rescue saved poor Chester from that old, dead tree. He needed shaved because his beautiful fur became severely matted from the tree sap. Chester again became very ill which was due to lack of nutrition. He was put on vitamins, and after six months, became very healthy. His beautiful coat got shiny and thick. We were not sure that Chester would get a good home because of his age. However, a wonderful young woman came to our shelter and just fell instantly in love with the guy. She adopted him and now her and Chester are living in Harrisburg, PA in a loving, safe home.

This is not the end of the story. Chester’s original owner had contacted Animal Keeper’s Rescue’s veterinarian and demanded that they give her the shelter’s phone number because she wanted Chester back! Well, our answer was this: “If you pursue this, Animal Keeper’s Rescue will press charges for abandonment. Where were you when this cat was so ill and living out of a tree??” Needless to say, she dropped the pursuit! Chester remains as happy as ever with his new Mom!


In the summer of 1998, my husband came home from the mechanic’s and told me that he had good news and bad news. The good news was that the bill was very small, but the bad news was that there were two tiny kittens in the truck! My husband found them sitting along the road and just couldn’t leave them there. I hurried to the truck to find two gray, scared, little seven-week old kittens. When I brought them into the shelter, I discovered that they were covered in motor oil. Someone had tried to kill them. My heart ached and I had no idea what to do. We called the National Wildlife Society and I was told to carefully bathe them in liquid Dawn dish detergent. After bathing them three times, the kittens settled in their new cage and fell asleep. Also, they were now white – not gray, as it first had seemed.

For three days, the two little brothers passed motor oil and ate very little. At this point, I was not sure that they were going to make it. Finally, on the fourth day, they both began to eat…and they ate and ate. They had made it – and within just a few days, they were both adopted to good homes!

I would love to know who could have done something like this. I keep in mind what my priest once said to me: “If you find someone being cruel to God’s smallest creatures, then these are the people who have no respect for human life.” I have found this to be so true…may God forgive these people.


Hi, my name is Donna. I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful adoption experience. My children and I already had 3 cats at home. We decided that we would love to add another. I was convinced that we needed a tiny baby kitten so it would fit in with our other three. After some time of searching, a friend of ours called us. She said she was at Petco and there were a bunch of kittens. So we headed over prepared to bring home a kitten. We arrived and saw some kittens in their pens. There were also some in cages on the floor. I met Hayley whom I began talking to. I asked if she had any kittens. Instead, she introduced me to Punkin, a 2 year old calico beauty. She was the tiniest and sweetest girl. Hayley took her out of the cage and handed her to me. She crawled right up to my neck and I immediately fell in love with her. I still had some concerns about how accepting my other cats would be. After discussing it with Hayley, I decided to go ahead and get her. She said to call her or Mary anytime for advice or help of any kind. So I took her home. After some initial growling and hissing, she fits right into our pet family. We have since renamed her Emmeline and call her Emmy for short. Emmy sleeps in my bed and is a real sweetheart. She loves to play and is a talker. We can’t imagine our lives without her now. I’m so glad that Hayley was there to show me that an adult cat is just as sweet to adopt as a baby kitten. I plan on adding to our cat family someday and I will absolutely go to Animal Keepers Rescue. Thank you so much!!