Success Stories

This is Cole. I posted his picture several months ago. He belonged to a young girl, who moved into an apartment where she could not have her cat. So she left him with her father, who after a few days, put him outside to fend for himself. This was one thing, but Cole was Declawed!!!!! To make a long story short, he was tested positive for FIV, but he was 13 1/2 pounds and very healthy. i, since November have been in communication with a lady who really wanted to adopt him. She was having construction on her house wanted to wait until it was completed. But when the weather got bad the construction stopped and she decided to get him now. So today my husband and I drove 1 1/2 hours to take him to his new home. When we got there they had a room all ready for him, until he got use to everything. Well, he surprised us all. He came out the carrier and walked around the room, checking everything out. Then went to the husband and rolled on his band and got his belly rubbed. Then jumped on the couch as if to say ‘I LIKE IT HERE AND I AM FINALLY HOME!” Eventually he will have the run of the home, which beautiful. COLE HAS IT MADE, THANK YOU MARCY!!!!

Meet Ginger. One morning we receive a message that a female was spay, after loosing kittens. During surgery the Doctor found one more kitten that was not lost. It was alive and doing well. The family did not want it stating that they did not want another cat. So we were able to pick it up from the Animal Hospital, not 24 hours old. It was amazing that a new mother, that was nursing 4 kittens of her own, here at the shelter, took it in and nursed it as if it was her own. It’s name was Putter, because everyone, the techs at the hospital, the Doctor and here at the shelter all thought it was a little boy. He grew strong and healthy. The other kittens were a couples older but protected Putter as their bother.

Putter grew and after about 5 weeks, it was discovered Putter was a girl, not a boy, OOPS!!!! At eight weeks she was so playful and her adopted siblings all got adopted. One of our volunteers fell in love with her and decided to adopt her.

She turned out to be a wonderful addition to the family and is loved beyond what could ever be expected. She is spoiled and has a big beautiful home to be the diva she is.

This is Mishu. He was one of 4 kittens rescued June 2014. They were found in tall grass of a house that was sold. When the seller was cutting the grass for the last time. His siblings were all friendly and got wonderful home, except Mishu. After constant holding, cuddling him and showing lots of love, he hated every minute of it. It is now 2 years later and he is still stand offish. He is so handsome and he will get within 2 inches of my hand and even sniff my noise, but as soon as I reach out, very slowly, he takes off. I have tried treats and special food but he watch me very closely so I can’t touch him. My heart wants to hold him and it breaks my heart not too.

Hitch was another success story that we are proud of.  He was found along side of a road near Tarrs, Pa.  A gentleman stopped and picked him up and took him to see his mother.  She could not take care of him knowing his leg was broken.  She called Animal Keepers Rescue and had a volunteer pick him up and take him to the Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital.  There x-ray’s were taken and found his back leg was shattered and not able to repair by casting or pinning.  It had to be removed.  The surgery was scheduled for the next day.

He was such a trooper and even purred during his surgery.  He had total rest for 3 weeks and learned to walk on three legs.

He was adopted to a wonderful family and is happy, warm and doing exceptionally well.  Thank you for giving him a Great home.